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Singapore, though a little country or to become more precise a city state, it's one the most civilized world in Asia. Housing several holiday destinations, Singapore tourism offers an extensive traveling experience to travelers not only from neighboring countries but from around the globe.

The green vegetation, the long coast and also the unique heritage attracts the travelers from around the globe. The picturesque view and modern architecture from the city attract travelers as well as in consequence Singapore has become one of the very most popular holiday destination.

Emerald Hill is one the most attractive tourist destinations in Singapore. Located in the region of Newton and Orchard, Emerald Hill originally was owned by a postal Clerk named William Cuppage. Afterwards nutmeg plantations became official and the place acquired name and fame among travelers and nature lovers. Many high profile and influential people reside in Emerald hill and nearby areas. Moreover, travelers could still see and experience influence of European architecture in various buildings erected in Emerald hill. Singapore promotes travel and tourism in large scale and in this regard Singapore tourism offers attractive tour packages to travelers all over the world.

emerald hill

Besides becoming an advanced country, Singapore offers wide range of job opportunities. However, only some make into it and rest remain in large and have some hope yet. Singapore became independent late in last century. The nation celebrates its national day on 9th of August. The celebration is done in big way and people enjoy celebrating their independence day. Singapore is really a small country and knowing its strategic weakness it does not maintain a military that could be capable of taking offensive. The main reason for army would be to protect itself from the invasion on sovereignty.

Accommodation in Singapore isn't a problem as various hotels ranging form budget hotels to cheap hotels to luxury hotels offer extensive selection of accommodation facilities to travelers. Whereas, luxury hotels attract business travelers, cheap and budget hotels attract backpackers and budget travelers. National stadium in Singapore is an attractive tourist spot in where one can see astounding parade around the 9th August. Hordes of hordes flock in good sized quantities to participate watching parade at the ground. Similarly, fireworks then dances exhibit happiness of Singapore individuals profound manner. You can have the happiness and joy felt during the celebration just once you see Singapore people celebrating it.